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SecoRMU Switchgear 12kV - 24kV


New Compact Gas Insulated Ring Main Unit
The traditional 12kV/17.5kV/24kV primary distribution network is mainly arranged as a radial network, or arranged as a combination of radial and tree network. Since many users are connected in "T" form to a power line, any maintenance or fault on the power line will make all the users connected suffering power off. A power supply system is not reliable enough. That's why today ring power supply systems are widely used in secondary distribution networks, thus helping to improve reliability. SecoRMU is such a kind of medium voltage switchgear used in ring power supply networks. With the features of completely sealed, modular design, flexible combination and extension, SecoRMU provides integrated solutions for most switching applications in urban-rural power cable upscale, power distribution network, wind farm, industry, O&G, underground installation, as well as municipal construction, commercial buildings, residential and other construction fields.


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