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SecoVac - 3.3kV - 27kV Embedded Pole Vacuum Circuit Breaker

SecoVac* series circuit breaker designed by GE Energy is a three-phase AC indoor breaker with 3.3kV - 17.5kV rated voltage and can be applied in controlling and protecting electrical equipment in industry mining, power plants and substations, especially suitable for conditions which require frequent operation.

The product conforms to IEC 62271 standard. The breaker can be installed in both fixed and withdrawable type switchgear and is the premium choice for the control and protection of MV power distribution systems.



Front Panel

This front panel fits into a collar-frame in the equipment when the breaker is in the CONNECT position. It provides a metal barrier between the breaker compartment and the secondary device compartment. Well-marked and easy-toread operating controls and indicators include TRIP button, CLOSE button, OPEN/CLOSE indicator, CHARGE/ DISCHARGE indicator, OPERATIONS counter and provision for manual charging the breaker.


Primary Disconnect

The primary disconnect finger set is rugged and easy to inspect. Designed for optimum contact, built of silver-plated copper and tested for continuous and short time current. Cycloid design is more convenient to connect and expand wider contact area than flat design. These disconnects provide proper contact integrity throughout the life of the gear for the critical primary disconnect function.


Breaker Mechanism

All the mechanical parts of the mechanism are integrated into opening and closing modules individually. The closing and opening modules are universal to the entire SecoVac™ embedded pole vacuum circuit breaker in spite of the ratings. Such design assures no mechanical readjustment after the replacement, thereby not only shortens lead-time but also reduces operation and maintenance cost.


Interlock System

For personnel safety, SecoVac™ is designed with a number of mechanical and electrical interlocks. For example, breaker contacts must be open before the breaker can be moved to or from the CONNECT position. A positive mechanical stop is provided when the breaker reaches the CONNECT or TEST/ DISCONNECT positions. Mechanical interference interlocks are provided to permit only the insertion of properly rated breakers into any specific compartment. These and other necessary interlocks provide a comprehensive protection system. Furthermore, springs automatically discharge when the breaker is withdrawn from the CONNECT position and breakers cannot be inserted in the closed position.


Features and benefits

  • Fixed and withdrawable versions available
  • Environmentally friendly design - no SF6 gas
  • Conformance to the latest IEC standards - IEC 62271-100 and IEC 62271-1
  • Numerous safety features for maximum personnel protection
  • User friendly operation with easy access and minimal inspection
  • Compact and cost effective
  • Flexible with a full line of accessories and OEM Solution


  • Serving global 50 Hz and 60 Hz
  • Segments of the electrical industry: industrial, commercial, utility, mining, marine and off-shore
  • Protecting transformers, capacitor banks, motors, busbar sections and cables
  • Suitable for special environment conditions: shock, vibration and high ambient temperature

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