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MDU Series: Model MDU-CL (Classic Design, 50-300kva)

Providing Critical Power Distribution within the Datacenter
The MDU-CL Monitored Distribution Unit provides a flexible design to provide power distribution to critical loads. Each unit can be configured to provide isolation, voltage transformation, harmonic reduction and voltage regulation. Up to 252 poles of distribution can be incorporated within the MDU.Each unit internally uses GE Panelboards and Circuit Breakers.


The MDU-CL can also provide needed branch circuit monitoring to assist users in determining load balancing over the three phases, plus provide alarm set points to insure the load on all circuits does not increase to a point that could trip the unit's main circuit breaker.


Flexible Design allowing for Easier Installation
• Top or Bottom Cable Entry ; Front Access only needed
• Side-Facing and Front-Facing Sidecars for extra branch circuits
• Datacenter Raised Floor or Concrete Floor mounting


Premium Stepdown Transformer

• Copper Wound
• K20 Rating Standard
• TP1 High Efficiency design


Branch Circuit Monitoring System (BCMS) option
• Patented design to monitor all poles of distribution
• Local and/or Remote Monitoring of circuits
• Available as Retrofit Kit on existing PDUs


Numerous other Options to Meet Customer-Specific Needs
• Transient Surge Network
• Lightning Arrestor
• Subfeed CBs in lieu of or in addition to Panelboards
• Datacenter Floor Support Stands