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Previous Generation Isolated Power Supplies

Previous generations of highly reliable DC-DC board power modules are available for an array of applications in the telecom, datacom, industrial, medical and military markets.

Power Modules Input Range Vout Iout Efficiency
EHW007A0B PDF Icon 48V (36V-75V) 12V 7A 93%
EHW015A0A PDF Icon 48V (36V-75V) 5V 15A 92%
EQW006A0B PDF Icon 48V (36V-75V) 12V 12A 92%
EQW010A0B PDF Icon 48V (36V-75V) 12V 10A 92%
EQW012A0A PDF Icon 48V (36V-75V) 5V 12A 92%
EQW020A0A PDF Icon 48V (36V-75V) 5V 20A 92%
EQW020A0F PDF Icon 48V (36V-75V) 3.3V 20A 91%
EQW025A0M PDF Icon 48V (36V-75V) 1.5V 25A 91%
EQW025A0P PDF Icon 48V (36V-75V) 1.2V 25A 85%
EQW030A0F PDF Icon 48V (36V-75V) 3.3V 30A 92%
EQW035A0G PDF Icon 48V (36V-75V) 2.5V 35A 90%
EQW040A0M PDF Icon 48V (36V-75V) 1.5V 40A 87%
EQW040A0P PDF Icon 48V (36V-75V) 1.2V 40A 92%
EQW040A0S1R0 PDF Icon 48V (36V-75V) 1.0V 40A 83%
EQW040A0Y PDF Icon 48V (36V-75V) 1.8V 40A 88%
EVK011A0B PDF Icon 48V (36V-60V) 12V 11A 95%
EVW010A0B PDF Icon 48V (36V-75V) 12V 10A 94%
EVW020A0A PDF Icon 48V (36V-75V) 5V 20A 92%
EVW020A0S6R0 PDF Icon 48V (36V-60V) 6V 20A 92%
HW/HC004/005/006 PDF Icon 24V/48V (18V-75V) 3.3-5V 4-6.6A 91%
HW006A6A PDF Icon 48V (36V-75V) 5V 6.6A 90%
HW010A0F PDF Icon 48V (36V-75V) 3.3V 10A 90%
JNC350R PDF Icon 24V (18V-36V) 28V 12.5A 92%
JNW350R PDF Icon 48V (36V-75V) 28V 12.5A 92%
JRW017A0B PDF Icon 48V (36V-75V) 12V 17A 91%
JRW040A0A PDF Icon 48V (36V-75V) 5V 40A 91%
JRW060A0F PDF Icon 48V (36V-75V) 3.3V 60A 91%
KNW013A0A PDF Icon 48V (36V-75V) 5V 13A 92%
KNW015A0F PDF Icon 48V (36V-75V) 3.3V 15A 91%
KNW020A0F PDF Icon 48V (36V-75V) 3.3V 20A 91%
KW010A0A PDF Icon 48V (36V-75V) 5V 10A 92%
KW015A0F PDF Icon 48V (36V-75V) 3.3V 15A 91%
KW025A0P PDF Icon 48V (36V-75V) 1.2V 25A 84%
LC/LW010/015 PDF Icon 24V/48V (18V-75V) 2-15V 1.6A 84%
QPW025A0F PDF Icon 48V (36V-75V) 3.3V 25A 93%
QPW050/060 PDF Icon 48V (36V-75V) 1.2-2.5V 50-60A 93%
QRW010A0B PDF Icon 48V (36V-75V) 12V 10A 88%
QRW025 PDF Icon 48V (36V-75V) 1.2-3.3V 25A 91%
QRW035 PDF Icon 48V (36V-75V) 2.5-3.3V 35A 91%
QRW040 PDF Icon 48V (36V-75V) 1.5-1.8V 40A 87%
QW015/020 PDF Icon 48V (36V-75V) 1.2-5V 20A 91%
QW030 PDF Icon 48V (36V-75V) 4.75-16.2V 30A 88%
SC001/003 PDF Icon 48V (36V-75V) 3.3-5V 1.2-3.5A 86%
SW001/003 PDF Icon 27V/54V (18V-75V) 3.3-15V 1-3.5A 86%
PIM300AZ PDF Icon 48V (36V-75V) 5.0V 6A 98%
PIM300FZ PDF Icon 48V (36V-75V) 3.3V 6A 98%


Features and Benefits

  • Surface mount or through hole versions
  • Output overcurrent/overvoltage protection
  • Auto restart after fault shutdown

Options & Accessories

  • Negative remote on/off logic
  • Heat plate version (-H suffix)
  • Surface mount version(-S suffix)
  • Over current/Over temperature/Over voltage protections
  • Operating temperature range: -40C to +85C
  • I/O isolation voltage: 2250Vdc max


  • Distributed Power Architectures
  • Wireless Networks
  • Industrial


  • 1/4th Brick: 58.4 mm x 36.8 mm x 11.7 mm (2.30 in. x 1.45 in. x 0.46 in.)
  • 1/8th Brick: 58.4 mm x 22.9 mm x 11.3 mm (2.30 in. x .90 in. x 0.44 in.)
  • 1/16th Brick: 33.0 mm x 22.9 mm x 9.3 mm (1.30 in. x .90 in. x 0.366 in.)


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